Give a donation to Mothers’ Union to help families in need

Your donations are vital to help tackle poverty, injustice and family breakdown.

All of our programmes, funded by generous people like you, are community-led by a fellowship of over 4 million members across 84 countries. Donations within New Zealand help fund our local programmes. 

Bequeth a Legacy

Mothers’ Union is built on a legacy of encouraging loving, flourishing relationships; supporting one another in fellowship; speaking out against injustice; and making a difference to those in need. Leaving a gift in your Will to Mothers’ Union can ensure that legacy continues long into the future. You will continue to provide Christian care to those most in need, thank you.

Even a little goes a long way.

By leaving a Legacy you can help people, at home and abroad, build a better future for themselves and their families. Which is why we are so grateful for any gift, whatever size, you choose to leave in your Will. It is a lovely way to make a lasting contribution to an organisation you care about.

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