and become part of a movement 4 million strong

Join us to fight for what’s right for families – helping those around the corner and around the world. 

Why should I join Mothers’ Union

By joining you become part of a worldwide community working together to create lasting change. As a Member or Friend you can:

  • Take part in and shape advocacy for the rights of families at home and across the world
  • Put your faith into action by supporting the most disadvantaged all over the world 
  • Develop your personal relationship with God and others through prayer and in fellowship 
  • Build your own confidence, finding strength by working with others

Make change happen by joining as a member or friend today.

Which way of joining is right for me?

What works for you


We are a loving organisation open to anyone, and supportive of everyone.

We started out as a Christian group to support mothers and families and that remains at the core of our work and guiding principles, but we welcome you to join us whoever you are – you don’t have to have children, be married, be a woman, or be a churchgoer. There are different ways to belong depending on what works best for you.

However you choose to join us, you are becoming part of a global movement for change four million strong.

How would you like to join?

Friendship is open to everyone, regardless of belief or background, who wants to support our work.

Membership of the global movement is open to anyone who supports our objectives  and has been baptised in the name of the Trinity.  Local groups, which are ‘affiliated’ to Mothers’ Union, may have different criteria – for example, they may not require members to be baptised – we know that everyone’s relationship with their faith is extremely personal, so if you have any questions please drop us a line.

I’ve decided!

Let’s start my Mothers’ Union journey today.

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