Something interesting about the rest of the world

In the international context—
We support the Worldwide Mothers’ Union With levies paid by members for the work of our Head Office at Mary Sumner House in London which conducts missions programmes all around the world. We pray for one another every day in a continuous Wave of Prayer, in which Dioceses throughout the world with a Mothers’ Union presence are linked together.

We subscribe to “Families First” and “Families Worldwide” international magazines which publish the Prayer Diary and inspire us with the news of activity programmes, projects and initiatives.

New Zealand is held in high regard by the international Mothers’ Union and, although our membership is small in the global context, we have been visited by every single Worldwide President who has taken office. We also participate in regular Provincial Presidents’ conferences overseas, and receive hospitality from our prayer and correspondence links.

Libbie Crossman prays with the NZ and Australian Provincial Presidents at the closure of the MULOA gathering in Brisbane. They will represent our area at the World conference in Rawanda.

Our Mothers’ Union UK site has fantastic resources available or keep up to date with our worldwide activities.

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